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New York, United States

About Chitra P Design

When I was a little girl, I loved "arts and crafts"....the colors, shapes and designs held endless possibilities in the way of self expression. I dreamed of designing everything, from stickers to notebooks, even clothes! But I also loved numbers and science. and when it came time for college, I followed the second path and went to pharmacy school, earning my Pharm D from Rutgers University.

I worked as a retail pharmacist for five years, where I enjoyed helping people who were not feeling well or needed assistance as they cared for loved ones. It was truly a rewarding role and I formed many close relationships with my patients over the years.

However, the deep-rooted creative itch I had ignored was still begging to be scratched... and that's how Chitra P Design was born. I really enjoyed designing all the stationery for my wedding and then a few parties for friends and family and was ready to start my own collection. I was nervous to showcase my work, so I started small with just a few bridal and baby shower designs. The response was wonderful and with the encouragement of my husband, my clients, and the Etsy community I made the decision to take my love to the next level, and I switched my focus fully to Chitra P Design.

I still work occasionally as a per diem pharmacist, so I can continue to learn and grow in the field, but Chitra P Design is now my full time job. I love creating new designs and seeing them come to life as they are infused with my clients' details and ideas. I am so happy to share my dream with the world and am excited to see where this road will lead.

Hope you enjoy my labor of love!