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Monroe, United States

About ChalkingItUpBoards

Welcome to ChalkingItUpBoards!!!
At this shop we create creative, original and memorable chalkboard printables for all occasions. We are two moms who love making custom items to complete an event! We have everything you need here: pregnancy countdowns, pregnancy reveals, birthday posters, invitations, wedding posters, baby shower posters and gender reveals, retirement posters, graduation posters, party packs and more! We add new items all the time, so be sure to check back often!
All of our chalkboards are completely customizable. Please feel free to message us with any special requests, but please do not ask us to replicate another sellers work. Although many sellers copy us as well as others, we refuse to subject ourselves to this unethical behavior.
While we recognize many shops violate the IP of Disney, Nickelodeon, etc by using their graphics – this is an ILLEGAL activity. We will not expose ourselves or our customers. You as a customer will be exposed during the printing process. Office supply stores are unwilling to take the risk and you may be stuck with an image you paid for, that you cannot get printed! We are very forthcoming with our current and future customers. Anyone that tells you otherwise does not have your best interest in mind.
Thanks for browsing!