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Satsuma , Fl, United States

About Boopteylu

Thank You for Visiting Boopteylu Where everything is Fun, Fabulous, and For Every Occassion! The name "Booptey Lu" was created years ago when I was far from creating fabulous party supplies and closer to winning the 2nd grade spelling bee. In a large family full of boys my cousin and I were the only two girls. I was granted the Oh So Fabulous nickname of Brandi Boop and my cousin Laura took on the...

nickname of LuLu. Being the only two girls had its advantages and disadvantages but when it came to pairing us together "team'" Boopteylu united and the two of us could take on any boy around;) So when I opened up shop I knew exactly what I wanted to call it, Boopteylu, which inbodies everything I am. A 29 year old female trying to be strong and creative in a world that thinks desk jobs, 401k's, and cubicals are what make you successful. So as Boopetylu was created my 8-5, 401k, cubical job went out the window and bright, fun and fabulous parties took over my career.