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Balloon Skins

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Bayport, NY, United States

About Balloon Skins

Let me tell you a little bit about what a BALLOON skin is....

A REUSABLE AND EASY TO STORE DECORATION for Weddings, Sweet 16, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Kids Birthday Celebrations, Party Styling, Dorm Decor, Trade Show Decor, Photo Props, Home Decor, Holiday decorations, etc.

Balloon Skins are a patent pending technology that take balloons to a whole new dimension. Literally. An ordinary balloon is inserted and inflated with air inside of a textured fabric skin and viola you have a beautiful multi-dimensional decoration! Beautifully simple.

They are loved for their uniqueness and overall eye-catching appearance. Balloon Skins are offered in variety of colors and extraordinary fabrics to suit various needs. Trim, such as ribbon or lace, is attached to the top creating beautiful display options. Once filled with air and concealed tightly, they should last for many days.

***Once deflated, the fabric skins lay relatively flat for convenient storage***

***To reuse, simply pop the balloon, remove it and replace the balloon with a new one.***