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San Antonio, Texas, United States

About Aesthetic Journeys

I design invites, gifts, decorations, thank you cards, and more. You can shop on Etsy, on Zazzle, and soon, on the blog.
Whether you want to DIY-it or have a custom design package sent to you without lifting a finger, I can accommodate. Follow the blog for inspiration, free downloads, and tips on how to design different products. If you want to purchase our designs, you have three ways to shop and each one depends on YOUR preference:
1. Are you a “Complete DIYer”?
Shop on Zazzle where it’s all you. You’ll find my designs on all sorts of products which you can alter to make it your own.
2. Do you prefer to DIY your own crafts, but don’t have the computer or design skills?
Shop on Etsy for digital files where I do the content and design for you, and you do the printing. Soon, I will also be offering this option on the blog.
3. Finally, are you a “NON Crafter”?
When I lived abroad, I could no longer offer printed designs, but starting September 2017, I can once again and I am so excited. My favorite work is when I get to design, print, and hand make all the products.
You can purchase any number of designs and I will hand make each one and mail them straight to you. I’ll be updating the site with easy-to-use listings as soon as it’s time to launch! I’ll also be once again selling printed designs on Etsy.
My goal is to be a one stop shop for all of life's journeys, so if you don't see your journey in our shop, please let us know and we'd love to make something just for you! Right now, I sell only digital files as I'm currently globe-trotting (remember, I love vacations!). However, starting September 2017 you'll be able to purchase printed items and handmade crafts as well.