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Louisville, Kentucky, United States

About 62Cards - Celebrate in Style

Don't settle for anything less than professional products and service!

Ever had a GREAT idea for a party or event , but you can find NOTHING cute for your FAB idea?? We are here to help!

We have projects featured in:
June/July '10 issue of Simply Handmade Magazine
Dec/Jan '11 Issue of Simply Handmade Magazine
Dec '10- Create: Christmas Cards Magazine
Aprl/May '11 Cricut Magazine (3 features!)
Apr/May '11 Simply Handamade Magazine
June '11- Cricut Happy Birthday Idea Book
August '11- Cricut Magazine (1 feature)
Sept '11- Cricut Magazine (8 features)
Oct/Noc '11- Cfricut Magazine (4 features)
Yum Food & Fun For Kids Magazine- Spring 2012 Issue

Products Birthday Decor, Baby Shower Decor, Bridal Showers, Graduation, Anniversaries, and so much more!!

You can email for quotes on custom orders, or buy ready made from my Etsy store!