• Melissa N

    Melissa N wrote:

    where did you find the poster and Wonka bars? SOOO COOL!

  • Lisa  C

    Lisa C wrote:

    Hi :) Thanks!!! I got the movie poster from allposters.com. I made the Wonka bars using photoshop and an image found on the web. I just wrapped some cardboard in tin foil and blew up the wrapper image.

  • Melissa H

    Melissa H wrote:

    Hi Lisa - How did you make your faux mushrooms? I'm having a hard time creatively coming up with a way to make those, totally stuck ... Thanks for any help!!

  • Lisa  C

    Lisa C wrote:

    Hi Melissa, this was actually an easy project! What I did was get some different color fabric. I got a nude fabric for the stems and inexpensive bright fabric and felt for the tops. I took a standard sized plastic cup and used a hot glue gun to cover the cup. I flipped it upside down and this became the stem. Then I got some round styrofoam balls from the craft store and cut them in half with a knife. I covered the top half-circle in bright fabric and them added some smaller round circle fabric pieces for the spots then just glued the top piece to the stem with a dab of hot glue!