Party Recap

Peppa Pig is a HUGE hit in our home, the kids love it, so it was only natural that she would make an appearance for one of the kids birthday parties.
I wanted to try and keep costs minimal, pretty much everything was bought from the cheap dollar shop or eBay.


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    The kids played 'Jump in Muddy puddles' AKA musical chairs and 'Put the apples in Peppa's basket' AKA pin the tale on the donkey. For the puddles I bought some brown cardboard and cut into puddle shapes. The poster for the apple game was a colour-in printable that I found on the net. I printed it off and took it to my local Office Works store and got them to enlarge it to this poster size. The apples were found on the net by googling apple images.

  • Budget

    I really wanted to keep costs down with this party. The backdrop was very quick, cheap and easy. The poster was bought from eBay, I got it shipped to me from the UK for a total of $12, the balloons were also from eBay and the bunting was bought from my local dollar shop. The cards on the favour bags were a pack of playing cards and I simply stamped the kids names on each.

  • What People Ate

    Cupcakes, fruit cups, birthday cake, fairy bread (cut with an apple shape cookie cutter) chips, lollies and cheese platter.

  • The cake

    Cake making is not my forte. For the cake I bought a mud cake from The Cheesecake Shop, grabbed a fork and mushed it up to make it look like mud. Peppa was smeared with a bit of cake to make her look a little dirty. I made the bunting with washi tape. Both the Peppa Pig topper for the cake and the cupcake toppers were bought from eBay.



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    Rachel D wrote:

    Where did you find the poster? I'm int in doing the same!

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    Rachel D wrote:

    Where did you find the card to attach to the grab bags?

  • no photo

    Rachel D wrote:

    Where did you find the cute cards?

  • Mindy A

    Mindy A wrote:

    What kind of cake is that? How do you do the top?

  • Candice P

    Candice P wrote:

    how was the gamed played