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Take me to the Moon!

Felicity from Little Paper Plate By Felicity from Little Paper Plate  in Birthday


Party Recap

What is childhood without friends, family, laughter, Princess Leia and cake? This years theme for Lauren's birthday was all about the moon and the stars! Lauren loves space and science so I wanted to design the event to suit her with a girly twist! The colour theme started with gorgeous pink ceramics from Australian pottery company Robert Gordon. I then added monochromatic elements such the rocket and sliver foil balloons to help pop the pink! The walls were decorated with handmade paper stars in pink, sliver, black and white. The entrance was not forgotten and I hung sliver and pink streamers to represent alien tentacles and add to a whimsical entrance. I added in the amazing party printables from Nina Designs. The printables were just perfect and suited the theme perfectly, it was a match made in space. Thank you Nina Designs!

The dessert table was set against a backdrop of a grey cardboard moon with sliver glitter and paper stars made by yours truly. I added monochromic details such as the black number ‘7’ and the marque star light for interest. The monochromatic details continued into the serving ware and meringues made using the recipe from the amazing Meringue Girls. The desert table included my usual staple cupcakes and sugar fondant cookies. After a stressful semester at University and my last average cake attempt, I conceded and outsourced the cake! This four layered pink butter cake with white chocolate icing did not disappoint and was a real crowd pleaser! This means that I will have no other choice but to have the lovely Kathy make a cake for every future event! I topped with cake and cupcakes with beautiful custom made sliver glitter cake toppers by an Etsy company called 'made by ummi'.

To keep the children occupied I made a moon piñata. The piñata turned out bigger than I expected and cutting the strands of crepe paper to cover it nearly broke my spirit! I purchased star wands for the girls to play with and it was great watching them run around the garden making ‘magic wishes’. The amazing entertainment company Stardust Kids once again came to the party. Princess Leia has the children mesmerized for the entire hour which made the event much more enjoyable for everybody. I always feel pangs of guilt paying for entertainment, especially on a student salary, however it all seems worth it on the day when the children shriek with glee!

Once again it was a lovely party and we were surrounded by family and friends to celebrate our special little lady. I enjoyed decorating the house and making all of the sweet treats for the children!
I hope you enjoy the photos! Big love xx
Felicity x


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    The children enjoyed my handmade ‘moon dust’ cupcakes, fondant moon biscuits and meringue kisses. I also served Herseys kisses - ‘moon rocks’ and star sandwiches. The adults grazed over cheese plates and enjoyed fresh chicken sandwiches made by my mother. Again while baking for parties may seem a huge chore, I always think the effort is worthwhile as my guests always appreciate the effort and feel confident there are no hidden extras! There was a gluten free child that RSVP to the event so to ensure that they did not miss out I labelled and decorated a special plate with a range of gluten free goodies. I believe as the host it is my responsibility to make sure every guest leaves feeling satisfied!

  • What People Drank

    The children drank pink lemonade and water infused with fresh lemon and mint from the garden. The adults drank a selection of T2 tea, coffee and champagne ‘rocket fuel’

  • Party Favors

    The party favours included a pretty pink bag filled with milky way chocolates, star burst lollies and star rings and bangles.


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