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Sebastian's First Birthday party

no photo By Julissa B  in Birthday


Party Recap

I started searching on Pinterest for birthday ideas months before the party and the cake was the main inspiration for the whole party. Pinterest is awesome and dangerous. I love decorating and event planning, so I had tons of fun. The party was on a Saturday and we started decorating Thursday Night since we had so many errands and food prepping to do Friday. We barely slept Friday night. We did it all ourselves with the help of some good friends.
The guests arrived on time. My camera broke when the guests started to arrive, there are a few details I wish I had not forgotten and a bunch of pictures I wish I had taken but that's how life goes, I can't control it


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Heavy appetizers- PR sanwichitos, Beef & Guava paste turnovers, Antipasto- PR stew chicken dip, Guacamole & chips, Cheese and Guava Paste, Cheese balls, Fruit Salad, Main Meal- Pernil (Roasted Pork shoulder), Arroz con gandules (rice with green pigneons), Guineos en escabeche (pickled green cooking bananas),

  • What People Drank

    Lemonade, Juice, Beer & Sangria

  • Desserts

    Birthday Cake, Macaroons, Cookies, Cake Pops & Cloud Meringues

  • Party Favors

    World Globe balls, Aviator Hats, Candy & Chocolate Bars

  • Activities / Games

    Balloon entertainer Cardboard Plane- everyone wanted to ride the plane



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    Lana K wrote:

    Hey there. I am trying to throw a 1st birthday party for my twin sons with this exact theme. I literally want it to look identical to your party. My question for you is, where on earth did you find all the props? The suitcases, globes, planes, globe balloons, typewriter, ferris wheel, all of it? Where do I get all this stuff from? Can I rent it from you? Please let me know, thanks so much!

  • no photo

    Julissa B wrote:

    Hello! I started purchasing stuff online on amazon (red plane, clouds paper, aviator hats, apothecary, small luggage boxes, balloons, hot air balloon, burlap, etc), Marshalls (planes, clock, old book), world market( world globes, jello glass) and Hobby Lobby (red wall plane, milk mason jars) a few months before. The kids photographer lent me the old luggage on the floor, coke box, bicycle and chalkboard sign, a friend of mine had the typewriter. I had the Ferris wheel from my other kid's vintage circus birthday party. I think I bought it in Amazon too. I used the chalkboard easel from Ikea that we have in the playroom and did so diy projects. My husband made the cardboard plane and is still intact in our hall, need to get rid of it soon. Where are you located?

  • no photo

    Stephanie C wrote:

    Hey Julissa! I just saw your party on Pinterest and I'm planning this same theme birthday party for my two year old. I live in Greenville and was wondering if you happened to have any of these decorations/supplies that you want to sell? My email is [email protected] Thanks in advance!

  • Marnie L

    Marnie L wrote:

    Hi Julissa, I loved your son's party! I live in Greer and wanted to know who made your cake cookies? I am planing to do the same theme as you. Also I know is a long shot but if you have any thingyou would like me to take off your hands i would be happy to. You can find me on FB under Marnie Lesser. I belive have saw your cookies on Out and about moms of greenville. TIA

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    Julissa B wrote:

    Hello Ladies! I re-used some of the decor and sold some. I recommend Amazon, Hobby Lobby and Marshalls. I saw plenty of decor for this theme yest at Marshalls. Sweet Design by Judit (you can find her on Facebook and Instagram) made my cookies and cake pops (yum yum), she is an artist, she also make cakes, but Cosmecakes (Facebook) made my cake. Good luck!

  • Sarah W

    Sarah W wrote:

    Hi there! I love the burlap made curtains you did! I would love to do the same for my sons first birthday. Would you mind sharing how you did it and how much fabric it took? Thank you!

  • Sarah W

    Sarah W wrote:

    Also, where could I find balloons like the ones hanging with the curtains?

  • no photo

    Julissa B wrote:

    Hello Sarah. I believe I bought 2 rolls of 5 yards (40 in wide), we had some left over. My husband used a very thin wire to hang them and twine to wrap them. I bought the balloons in amazon (world globe balloons). I used Amazon for 75% of the decor, including the fabric. I hope that helps.

  • Erin W

    Erin W wrote:

    Where did you get that sign?

  • no photo

    Cynthia D wrote:

    Hi Julissa- I am planning the same birthday party theme for my son. I found a roll of the paper with clouds and have been looking for a wall plan every to add to it along with a banner. I've had no luck! Where did you find yours?? I believe you mentioned in one of the comments it was from hobby lobby but haven't found it. I would appreciate any help and tips you could provide. Thanks!!

  • Tanya T

    Tanya T wrote:

    Where can I find those cookie cutters used or the vendor that made the cookies?

  • no photo

    Julissa B wrote:

    I used Sweet Designs by Judit, check her out in instagram/facebook. I believe she has a new business of 3D printing out the cookie cutters. Feel free to contact her.

  • John B

    John B wrote:

    Hi! Love your party theme and I am doing the same for my sons first birthday. Where did you get the net for the hot air balloon?