Party Recap

Olivia turned 11 and wanted a CandyLand Party,one thing we were worried about is sending the wrong message to family and friends and even to herself to have a candy party kowing she IS a type 1 diabetic.Sitting down with my husband and weighing out with the pros and cons.One thing we want our daughter to know is she is just AS normal as any other kid.We prepared ourself and her for the party.Same rules exsist even if there was temptation all around her.We let her have her treats but made sure to keep it to a minimum.We gave her extra insulin shots and spaced out her treats 1 every few hours.Hope this helps other moms or dads out there with the same situation.



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    Dianne M wrote:

    I've been type I since I was little. I totally appreciate all the effort you went through to give your daughter a "normal" kids party! I would have loved to have had a party like that when I was young.

  • Izzy S

    Izzy S wrote:

    That dress is so cute!