Party Recap

An amazing 1st birthday party!


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    The look on my clients face when she saw the table


Party Helpers



  • no photo

    Diane D wrote:

    These are awesome. How did you make these?

  • Khaliah G

    Khaliah G wrote:

    Hi Diane! They are kandy kones by posh party pretties on etsy aka Celebrate Today the Superchick Way. Thanks! Khaliah

  • Donna E

    Donna E wrote:

    How did you make these favors? So adorable with the hotdog!

  • Tracy F

    Tracy F wrote:

    super cute!

  • Tracy F

    Tracy F wrote:

    such a wonderful table display

  • Cynthia D

    Cynthia D wrote:

    Love it!! Thanks for sharing! Great inspiration!!

  • no photo

    Grace D wrote:

    Omg Hi Khaliah....I was jyst browsing this s I te and realized t by is was my sons party.... you did s u ch a great job I cant wait to use you for my next party....thanks again!!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING

  • Khaliah G

    Khaliah G wrote:

    OMG, Hi Grace!!! So funny that you just happened upon your own son's party lol! I think about you guys so much, this party started so many wonderful things for me. Thanks so much for hiring me back then and still loving the work I did for you now :) It was truly a pleasure and I look forward to next time! XXO

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    Kara B wrote:

    Hi, can you tell me the size of the cookie cutter used to make the mickey mouse head sugar cookies as your cupcake toppers, and where you may have found it?