Party Recap


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Sub sandwiches, chips, dip,fruit tray, and a veggie tray

  • What People Drank

    Sunkist ,water,and hawian punch

  • Desserts

    Cake, marshmallows,and candy

  • Party Favors

    Popcorn and marshmallows

  • Activities / Games

    Name the baby animal and what is mom thinking

  • Budget




  • Yahaira D

    Yahaira D wrote:

    Hey.. Where did you get the invitations from?

  • Dana C

    Dana C wrote:

    Hi Yahaira I ordered the invite from etsy! Hope this helps you and good luck with your party! I have 2 profiles that is why my picture is different! ;)

  • Leshaa G

    Leshaa G wrote:

    Where did you order your invitations?

  • Dana Y

    Dana Y wrote:

    Leshaa I ordered the Finding Nemo invitation from Etsy. Hope this helps and good luck with your party!

  • no photo

    kanzualda wrote:

    Can you contact me about these invitations. I really would like to use this concept.

  • Dana Y

    Dana Y wrote:

    Hi Kanzualda I ordered the invitation from a shop on the Etsy website. If you have anymore questions contact me at chaney_dana@yahoo.com