Party Recap

Hubby came up with monster truck theme for Jack's first birthday party, so when I found Monster Truck Mater during my internet searches, I knew that it was perfect for Jack.
I designed the cake based on others I had seen on the internet and commissioned someone to make it. I topped the cake with the Tormentor from the Monster Truck Mater deluxe set. It turned out fabulous and was a show-stopper on the day.
Pretty much everything was DIY - happy birthday bunting, signs, food labels, party favour noodle box labels, milk bottle labels. I found png files of the main characters from Monster Truck Mater so it was easy to create everything.
I went to the n-th degree as Jack would be my only child - we even had Monster Jam fact sheets on the wall in the toilet!
Other things we did but were not with the monster truck theme were: a display photos of Jack through his first year of life, chalkboard poster (which I created myself) and a cake smash. The cake smash was by far the highlight of the day and in hindsight I wish I had tied it in with the Monster Truck theme (I had planned to put the Scooby Doo monster truck in the background but just forgot!). I made a giant cupcake with the help of Jack's older half-sister which I was pretty impressed with as it was my first attempt at anything more than just packet mix cupcakes.
Games we played were egg and spoon race - modified with monster trucks, and 'monster truck car crush' where Monster Jam trucks had to run over a row of matchbox cars. Winners were awarded with small trophies topped with a mini Monster Jam truck.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Monster truck themed menu of donuts (cinnamon and iced), rocky road, chocolate crackling dirt, wagon wheelies, carrot and celery dipsticks, chocolate pretzel dipsticks, mini hot dogs, hubcap party pies, mini sausage roll speed humps, mini samosas, mini spring rolls, mini dim sims.

  • What People Drank

    Crush soft drink, fruit crush juice, chocolate milk and water.

  • Desserts

    Monster truck blue velvet cake, chocolate mousse mudpit and fruit dipsticks (strawberries and rockmelon).

  • Party Favors

    Blue noodle boxes with monster truck tattoo, Monster Jam sticker, bubbles, Monster noodle snack, maltesers, gummi burger and hot dog.

  • Activities / Games

    1. Monster truck and spoon race 2. Monster truck car crush 3. Cake smash


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