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Christening Girl ... Luiza Helena !

--- > Assembly, Atmosphere, Advice and visual identity by Festa X Decoração e festas (Festa X DECOR) <---
Photography : Nigo Furtado

The Festa X DECOR was contracted to assembling the baptized in a happy hour lounge than a restaurant , nothing suitable location for the event , but had a thing , I say two things for a mother wanting an elegant table and Festa X DECOR who loves elegant tables . The harder : CARTE BLANCHE Mom and the phrase I TRUST IN YOU ! For me , joy , trust and great responsibility ! !

There wasn't a decorating project client 's request , it was a table mount , and as I like to go beyond, demos decorative touches on the table .

A personalized towel for the event , with flowers design work Patcwork and application of beads , use of old gold pieces acquired especially for the event by Festa X DECOR - Locação.

For the family to be present at the table , a touch of the mother who provided special favors crystal containing anointing oil and a blessed third by PAPA FRANCISCO belonging to Grandma Luiza Helena , most beautiful , magical and blessed, IMPOSSIBLE!

Atmosphere and VISUAL IDENTITY ** **
The differential element, tried messing with the colors , because as the light within the site pulled to orange and the interior was dark because of the color of the wood used in most white crockery with details in old gold pieces and the sweetness of 'Rita Martins'; the towel and flowers had ivory background and white accents ; as the flowers remained white with touches of orange and yellow baby .

The surprise elements of the table the fabric flowers , towel , the gingerbread decorated with golden dots and now one dove now an angel and the same divine delicacy in the cake and wood carved . To facilitate the mother at the time of responding to your guests, put the menu with the sweet custom baptized in a golden picture frame .

LOCAL ** **
Hall of happy hour to a restaurant in Barra da Tijuca .


Party Highlights

  • Christening Luiza Helena

    Assembly of baptized table with decorative touches with shabby chic style by Festa X DECOR (Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro). https://www.facebook.com/FESTA.X.DECOR


Party Helpers

  • Festa X DECOR por Roberta Dias

    Party Planner

    Montagem de mesa decorativa e identidade visual by Festa X DECOR.
    Peças decorativas by Festa X DECOR - Locação.
    Bolo e doces by Rita Martins.
    Fotografias: Nigo Furtada
    Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
    55 21 2437-7802


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