You'll Enjoy the Spooky Fun at These Awesome Halloween Parties!

by Jillian Leslie on

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away. So many people in our community have added their incredible Halloween parties to Catch My Party!

If you're looking for great ideas this Halloween, make sure you check out all our amazing parties for lots of  inspiration!

I couldn't help but also include, as one of my favorites this week, a gorgeous boho themed flamingo birthday party. It will blow you away. Enjoy!Our favorite parties this week include some fantastic Halloween parties, such as Halloween girls night, a boos and ghouls Halloween party, a vintage Halloween party for kids , and a flamingo birthday party |

Take a look at our 4 favorite parties below:

Our favorite parties this week include a fantastic Halloween girls night, an awesome boos and ghouls Halloween party, a fun vintage Halloween party for kids, and an adorable flamingo birthday party.


Party 1: Halloween Girls Night

littlerosepartycompany's Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble. Halloween Girls' Night



  • The incredible dessert table with the amazing balloon decorations and black balloon 'bubble' backdrop
  • The fantastic pastel cake, decorated with a broomstick cookie and lots of meringues, chocolates, and topped with a pink 'boo' meringue topper
  • The cute pastel ghost sugar coated cookies
  • The gorgeous pink 'boo' meringues
Halloweens Girls Night |

Party 2: Boos and Ghouls Halloween Party

Confetti Party Plans' A Simple Halloween Party for My Favorite Boos and Ghouls 



  • The creepy dessert table full of fantastic Halloween party food, and decorated with great jack-o-lantern Halloween fairy lights.
  • The fun ghost punch game Halloween party activity
  • The awesome jack-o-lantern quesadillas
Boos and Ghouls Halloween party |

Party 3: Vintage Halloween Party for Kids

Lori G's Vintage Kids Halloween Party



  • The incredible vintage scary cat decorated Halloween dessert table
  • The fun peanut butter and jelly spider cut out sandwiches with pretzel legs
  • The spooky chocolate cupcakes topped with Halloween ghost marshmallow Peeps
Vintage Kids Halloween Party |

Party 4: Flamingo Birthday Party

PrettyTwinkleParty's Flamingle In My Teepee



  • The stunning flamingo decorated pink party favor bags
  • The pretty mix of boho inspired flamingo sugar cookies
  • The cute pink flamingo decorated cake pops
Flamingo Birthday Party |

More parties in these favorite party themes:

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