Wow, a Harry Potter Birthday Party Right Out of the Movie

by Jillian Leslie on

So many fantastic parties that were added to this week. If you're a Harry Potter fan you're going to love this Harry Potter birthday party! Wow, the decorations are amazing!

For more cool party ideas and a ton of inspiration take a look at the other parties I've added to my 4 favoritesof the week. Enjoy...

Collage of My 4 Favorite Parties of the Week

Check out my 4 favorite parties below:

My favorite parties this week include a magical Harry Potter birthday party, a gorgeous boho 1st birthday party,  a beautiful pumpkin baby shower and an awesome race car birthday party.

Party 1: Harry Potter Birthday Party

Kathy M' Harry Potter 12th Birthday


  • The amazing dessert table with a backdrop made of some house banners and decorated with Harry Potter party decorations
  • The fun chocolate cake decorated with a Golden Snitch and a 'Harry Potter' topper
  • The cool plate full of candy Golden Snitches
  • The Mandrake cupcakes in clay flower pots
Harry Potter Cake

Party 2: Boho Birthday Party

Catherine D's Dream Big Little ONE!


  • The amazing dessert table with a pink sequin table skirt,  a wonderful dreamcatcher decorating the backdrop and pretty floral arrangements
  • The gorgeous dreamcatcher and teepee tent sugar-coated cookies
  • The beautiful coconut covered candy apples decorated with boho feathers
Wonderful coconut covered candy apples decorated with boho feathers at a cute boho 1st birthday party

Party 3: Fall Baby Shower

Ashleys D's A Little Pumpkin Baby Shower


  • The stunning naked cake topped with pretty fresh flowers
  • The impressive stack of donuts
  • The beautiful rustic table settings decorated with a lovely blue pumpkin  and some wonderful floral arrangements
Fall Pumpkin Baby Shower Table Settings

Party 4: Racing Car Birthday Party

Allison Carter Celebrates' Race on Over to this Modern 'Grand Three' Race Car Birthday!


  • The awesome dessert table made of oil barrels and a vintage race car poster backdrop, decorated with red balloons and a large foil 3 balloon
  • The fun racing car flag-inspired birthday cake, topped with a red banner, and  a racing car and number 3 cookie
  • The awesome mix of race car, number 3 and racing car flag cookies
An awesome mix of race car cookies

More parties in these favorite party themes:

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