What a Delightful Train Birthday Party and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

Once again, many incredible parties were shared on Catch My Party this week, including a fun retro train birthday party that any little boy who loves trains would die for.

Take a look at my four favorite parties of the week for great ideas and lots of inspiration!

My favorite parties this week include a retro train birthday party, a farm 1st birthday, a Moana party, and a bakery playhouse party | CatchMyParty.com

Check out my 4 favorite parties below:

My favorite parties this week include this retro train themed birthday party, a fun farm 1st birthday party, a wonderful tropical Moana birthday party, and a gorgeous bakery playhouse party.


Party 1: Train Birthday Party

Emma C's Matthew's Retro Railroad 2nd birthday party


  • The awesome dessert table with the red, white and blue ribbon backdrop with a matching colored balloon garland.
  • The fantastic table settings with the 'cross-road' centerpiece and retro train driver hats on each of the chairs for each one of the guests.
  • The gorgeous red, blue and gold birthday cake topped with a cute fondant retro train.
  • The fun coloring station with pencils, pens and coloring in drawings to keep kids entertained.
Train birthday party I CatchMyParty.com

Party 2: Farm 1st Birthday Party

Michelle D's 1st Birthday on the Farm


  • The fun red barn themed dessert table with cow print balloons decorating it.
  • The adorable farm animal cake pops.
  • The cute farm animal sugar coated cookies.
Farm 1st birthday party I CatchMyParty.com

Party 3: Moana Birthday Party

LeroLerito's Moana party 


  • The stunning Moana dessert table with the tropical backdrop and paper flowers, and the fun Moana themed party food and decorations.
  • The fantastic Hei Hei and Kakamora cake pops
  • The stunning Moana themed tiered birthday cake topped with a wonderful fondant Moana and decorated with palm trees, her canoe, Pua and Hei Hei.
Moana birthday party I CatchMyParty.com

Party 4: Bakery Playhouse Party

Five Whimsy Lane's Whimsy Cakes Bakery Playhouse Grand Opening 


  • The wonderful garden setting with the gorgeous pale blue playhouse and wonderful table settings.
  • The awesome stack of pink frosted donuts with colorful sprinkles and unicorn and rainbow toppers.
  • The pretty mix of baking themed and unicorn inspired sugar coated cookies.
Bakery Playhouse Party | CatchMyParty.com

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