Vintage Paper Straws in Stripes and Now... Polka Dots

by Jillian Leslie on

I'm a big fan of vintage paper straws. They never get old for me because they instantly add a festive, retro feel to a party.

Here are some new polka dot paper straws I found at The Sugar Diva. They are biodegradable, made in the US from FDA approved paper and ink, and are available in whole host of colors.

One hundred straws will cost you $14. Two hundred straws will cost you $24.  Check them out...

Cute, right?



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    The Sugar Diva wrote:

    Thanks for your post on our NEW PAPER STRAWS....!!! After months of hard work and waiting, they are now IN STOCK and we are shipping them worldwide...!!! I'm sure you'll start seeing them POP up on lots of blogs and web sites real soon...!!! All my best, Dianne Creator / Founder The Sugar Diva