Video Game Birthday Party and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

My 4 Favorite Parties of the Week include a video game birthday party, a Thanksgiving kids' celebration, a pastel mermaid party, and an adult movie night!|

I got home late last night from the BlogHerFood15 Conference in Chicago, where I was sent by Bounty as a brand ambassador (thank you, Bounty!).

My bag was chuck full o' food when I got home, one of the perks of going to a food conference. Most unusual product: powdered beef gelatin in a jar. I will try it in some bone broth.

I really enjoyed the conference. If you are a food blogger, or want to become one, this conference is worth it. You get to meet lots of other bloggers and get tips on everything from food photography, to social media, to brand sponsorships.

I made two new friends, Becky, from Your Modern Family, and Dayna, from Lemon Lime Adventures. If you don't know their parenting blogs, definitely check them out.

Okay, now back to my day job... Here are my favorite parties this week. I'm showing off an amazing video game birthday party, plus a turkey-themed kids' Thanksgiving celebration, a lovely pastel mermaid birthday party, and a glam outdoor grownup movie night (for a group of lucky women).

From top photo to bottom photo in the image above:

Be on the lookout for new Thanksgiving craft and recipe posts this week!


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