{TRENDS} My Favorite Halloween Treats So Far This Season...

by Jillian Leslie on

We get so many beautiful, cool, and creative Halloween parties added to our site, I love seeing them show up! I thought I'd highlight my favorite Halloween treats to give you some ideas for your own parties. Enjoy and... yum!!

(Click on the photo to see the party the treat is from.)

Amazing, right?

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  • no photo

    Paul C wrote:

    These look fantastic and very professional. Unfortunately I don't have the talent needed to make these :) I have made these though, and the kids can make them too.. http://www.eventsense.co.uk/blog/halloween

  • Deanna K

    Deanna K wrote:

    How do you make the snacks in the first top picture? Love those! Is it a jumbo marshmallow with green icing and then what going through it? THANKS!!!