TRENDS: Alice in Wonderland Parties on Catch My Party (Part 1)

by Jillian Leslie on

One of the most popular themes on our main site is Alice in Wonderland parties. We have gotten so many beautiful ones, I thought it was about time I showed them off.

If you are planning one, or even if you're not, you will be blown away by the incredibly creative ideas here. (Click on the photos or the party name to see more of each party...)

Tabitha B's Wonderland Birthday

Kelli B's Ariel in Wonderland

Faride T's Maya's Tea Party!!

Rozanna F's Alexis' Unbirthday Tea Party

Rashae T's A Very Merry 1st Un-Birthday Party

Check out all of the Alice in Wonderland parties on our main site. And stay tuned for part 2 where I highlight even more of these amazing parties.



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    Tabitha Blue wrote:

    Thanks so much for sharing my girl's party!! These are all gorgeous parties, and I'm sure each and every birthday girl felt every bit as special as they are. :)

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    <strong>Another Title...</strong> I saw this really good post today....