This Halloween Party & Bridal Shower is Lovely and Scary!

by Jillian Leslie on

So many wonderful parties were added to Catch My Party this week, so thank you to all of you in our community that added their amazing parties. You really don't want to miss this excellent Hocus Pocus themed Halloween party bridal shower!

For more party ideas and lots more inspiration make sure you take a look at my other 3 favorites parties this week!

Check out my 4 favorite parties below:

My favorite parties this week include this awesome Halloween Hocus Pocus bridal shower party, an adorable paper plane birthday party, a gorgeous black cat trick or treat Halloween party, and a gorgeous silver cat birthday party.

Party 1: Halloween Hocus Pocus Bridal Shower Party

Events by Nancy Mantei's It’s just a bunch of Hocus-Pocus Halloween party


  • The amazing rustic dessert table with a gorgeous greenery garland placed on a beautiful ornamented gold frame
  • The fun black pumpkin decoration with witch legs popping out
  • The stunning bar decorated with a gorgeous pink balloon garland
  • The creepy donuts decorated with spiders and pretty flowers
Halloween Hocus Pocus Bridal Shower Party I

Party 2: Paper Plane Birthday Party

@_honeypunch's  Paper Plane 2nd Birthday


  • The gorgeous dessert table with a greenery back drop and hanging paper planes
  • The wonderful compartmentalized trays of inflight party food
  • The fantastic white cloud balloons decorating the partyPaper Plane Birthday Party I

Party 3: Black Cat Trick or Treat Halloween Party

Charynn O's Trick or Treat Party


  • The fun orange, black and white themed Halloween dessert table
  • The awesome backdrop with an orange and black 'trick or treat' banner, matching pom pom garland and black and white paper fans
  • The cupcakes with the cool black cat and Jack O'Lantern toppers
Black Cat Tricke or Treat Halloween Party I

Party 4: Silver Cat Birthday Party

Ms.laine Events' Silver Cat birthday party


  • The cute birthday cake decorated with adorable little fondant kittens playing with balls of wool
  • The fun kitten and balls of wool cake pops
  • The beautifully decorated yellow kitten macarons
Silver Cat Birthday Party |

More parties in these favorite party themes:

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