This Back to School Party Is So Much Fun!

by Jillian Leslie on

Another week has flown by we've been inundated with the most amazing parties ever, which made picking just 4 parties for my 4 favorites a tough task.

You won't believe the fun back to school party that uploaded. Everything about it is fabulous.

The seating, for instance, is so much fun, so make sure you scroll down and have a look for yourself...

Collage of My 4 Favorite Parties of the Week

Check out my 4 favorite parties below:

My favorite parties this week include a fantastic back to school party, an fun vintage baseball 1st birthday party, a modern fourth of July party, and a wonderful boho rainbow 1st birthday party

Party 1: Back to School Party

[email protected]’s Back To School Styled Shoot


  • The awesome cake decorated with stripes and with a pencil topper
  • The wonderful mix of school inspired cookies
  • The fun school book seating School Book Seating

Party 2: Vintage Baseball Birthday party

Christine C's Levi’s Vintage baseball first birthday
  • The incredible dessert table with a vintage look framed with a cool red, blue and white balloon garland
  • The impressive baseball uniform inspired tiered birthday cake
  • The fantastic mix of baseball sugar-coated cookies Baseball sugar-coated cookies

Party 3: Fourth of July Party

[email protected]'s Modern Fourth Of July Shoot
  • The stunning sprinkle cake topped with a star-shaped sparkler.
  • The beautiful table settings with a lovely floral centerpiece
  • The gorgeous red, white, and blue balloon garland
Gorgeous red, white and blue balloon and floral decorations

Party 4: Boho Rainbow 1st Birthday Party

Peanut B's Wangsari 1st picnic party


  • The gorgeous teepee tent with a colorful tassel garland
  • The impressive hot air balloon photo booth prop made with balloons
  • The amazing double birthday cake with a rainbow topping each cake and joining the two together.Double birthday cake with a rainbow topping each cake and joining the two together.

More parties in these favorite party themes:

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