The City Cradle's 30 X 30 Project

by Jillian Leslie on

Vicky of the City Cradle blog has a goal.  She wants to throw 30 parties by the time she turns 30.  She has until March 2011 to do it, and so far she's thrown 6 (way ahead of schedule).

On her blog she shares everything that goes into the planning of her parties, from inspiration, to design, to the actual event.  And what I love about her posts are all the details and DIY projects she includes.

Plus, you can see by her designs how beautiful, warm, and unique they are.  You'd never know she does this on a budget.

Her six parties so far:

A Coffee and Tea Tasting Bridal Shower

A Pinwheels & Pearls Girl's Birthday Party

A Mother's Day Brunch

A Bird's Nest Baby Shower

A Spring in Bloom Party

A Roast and Toast Housewarming Party

The other impressive thing about Vicky is that she also has twin babies!  You can check them out on Tuesdays when she adds her Tuesday Twin Snap.  Adorable.


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