The Best Party I Ever Had...

by Jillian Leslie on

The best party I ever had was definitely my Sweet 16.

I've always loved fashion, so for my Sweet 16, I called up my local Bloomingdales in Short Hills, NJ, and asked them if they would put on a private fashion show for my friends and me, and let me be one of the models.  They'd never done this before, but because I sounded eager (and maybe a bit pushy) they agreed.

So we had a buffet lunch for forty of my closest friends in the restaurant at the top of the store, and in the middle of the room, there was a big runway set up.  After we ate, my friends took their seats around the runway.   I went back stage.  The fashion show started, and as these professional teen models began strutting their stuff, I remember standing in the wings, wanting desperately to back out -- what did I get myself into?!?!

But once the officious woman with the clipboard signaled for me to "go," I had no choice.  I stepped onto the runway like a deer caught in the headlights.   But then I heard it -- cheers and hollers from my friends! -- and instantly, something in me changed.  I became a 5'2'' supermodel wearing not very flattering gray Burmuda shorts, a cropped sweater/jacket, and socks with flats.   It wasn't a good look.  But it didn't matter, because I felt... great!

How do I look?
How do I look?

Just like a supermodel!
Like a supermodel

Now it's your turn, what was your best party ever?




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    Leigh wrote:

    My best party ever was a party I had for my good friend, Melanie, when we first moved to L.A. after college. It wasn't a big party, and I've had much bigger ones since, but it was definitely the funnest and (in all modesty) my most ingenious... and romantic. On the surface, the party was for Melanie's 23rd birthday. However, this party was in October, and Mel's birthday is in June. So why'd we do it? The best reason of all: romance. See, Mel and I and a bunch of other people who'd just moved to L.A. were hanging out together, and one of the guys in our "group" was this guy named Conor, who was clearly into Melanie and vice-versa. HOWEVER (and have you ever had this with friends?), they were both such huge wusses that neither of them would make the first move! Everybody would talk about it behind their backs, too. We'd all try to come up with reasons to leave the two of them alone, and then...well, nothing would happen! I've never seen two such incredibly shy people in one room before in my life! Soooo.... I decided to "take the bull by the horns" myself, and throw Mel a surprise birthday party behind her back. I sent out emails to people, and guess who I put in charge of keeping Melanie busy while everybody got together for the big surprise? Yep, Conor. He didn't want to do it at first (that shyness again), but I told him he'd be doing me a huge favor. So the night of Mel's "birthday," he took her out for a casual dinner at this tapas place that I told him Mel liked, and guess what? They hit it off, broke through the shyness... started talking for real, and basically had so much fun that I had to text Conor at the restaurant after he was 45 minutes late for the time he was supposed to bring Mel back to the apartment where the party was and ask "Where ARE U?" Anyway, they finally did show up. Mel was super surprised. She and Conor were a couple from that night on, and guess what? They got engaged two months ago. Heck of a party, huh?