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by Jillian Leslie on

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Skinny Cow asked me to do a Part 2 to my first post on how I indulge myself. So I'm sharing something I do every day that feels decadent, indulgent, and delicious... I drink green oolong tea and chocolate, and I do it in the morning!

After I've gotten Lainey, my daughter, off to school or camp, I come home, and while it's still quiet (my husband works late into the night and sleeps in), I make my first cup of green oolong, and I take a piece of chocolate. I eat my chocolate and drink my tea while I ease into my morning. It's the only way I can face my inbox.

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So when Skinny Cow sent me this box of Divine Filled Chocolate Candy, I knew exactly how I was going to indulge.

I made my tea and unwrapped the pouch of chocolates. There were three bite-sized pieces inside. I took my sip of tea then bit into one of the chocolates. The chocolate was rich with a creamy mouthfeel, and the caramel brought an added surprise of flavor.

It worked great with my tea. The warmth of the tea helped melt the candy so the flavors were even more available. And because I wanted to be thorough, I did eat all three caramels. :)

Green Oolong Tea | CatchMyParty.com

My husband got me into green oolong tea when a colleague of his use to bring it back from business trips to Taiwan. Green oolong has a fruity smell and a slight honey taste. The best words I can use to describe it are "warm" and "rich."

We buy our tea, called Li Shan, directly from this business in Taiwan. The tea is grown at a high altitude (8,600 ft) and is only harvested twice a year, so it's rare. The leaves are rolled into tiny balls, and when you steep them, they unravel.

One day my dream is to go visit Taiwan and see what these beautiful mountains look like in person.

Green oolong tea | CatchMyParty.com

If you want a quick indulgence, try these Caramel Divine Filled Chocolates (you won't be sorry). Or try a Skinny Cow Creamy Iced Coffee drink or one of their new ice cream bar flavors.

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