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{PARTY ON A BUDGET} Fun and Inexpensive Ideas for a Thanksgiving Kids' Table

by Jillian Leslie on

Melissa Newell from My Party Passion, and our budget party contributor, is back with some ideas on how to create a fun and inexpensive kids' table for Thanksgiving, something we all need! 

Happy Holidays to you all out there. Getting ready for Thanksgiving I assume? This Party Gal celebrated early this year with our BFF’s who came into town (during our power outage from Sandy, no less).

DIY Tutorial - How to Make a Kiddie Table

by Jillian Leslie on

Nicole W throws the most beautiful parties and comes up with the cleverest of ideas. Here is her simple tutorial on how to make a kiddie table.  I think this is brilliant!

So you're hosting a party for children.  You want to make the party inviting, friendly--just their size.  But you have regular folding tables and don't want to go rent special shorter tables and chairs for your party.  What to do?  Use this simple tip and instantly convert your regular folding tables into ones just the right size for kids.