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Illuminated Fairy Jar DIY

by Jillian Leslie on

Illuminated Fairy Jar DIY |

Fairy parties are one of the most popular party themes on Catch My Party. So if you're planning one, and looking for a fun party activity or party favor for your guests, check out this illuminated fairy jar DIY.

These jars are easy to make and look so stunning when they're done. You'll be asking yourself if you really trapped a fairy inside! :)

{DIY} How to Make Homemade Citronella Candles

by Jillian Leslie on


We don't have a lot of mosquitoes here in Northern California (thank God!), but I remember those buggy nights in New Jersey when I was growing up, and how we'd go out to a summer party, and I'd come home with my body covered in bites. So when I found this DIY on making homemade citronella candles on Garden Therapy, I had to share.  What a great idea!

The best part of this tutorial is that it explains how to add additional scents to your candles like eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, and oregano -- other smells bugs don't like, that aren't just citronella.