Stupendous Circus/Carnival Cakes on Catch My Party

by Jillian Leslie on

I've been blown away by the circus cakes we've seen on our main site, so of course, I had to show them off. Take a look, see what you think...

Claudia R's Circus Party

Jennifer M's Aris's 1st Birthday Celebration

Nicole L's Parker's 3rd Birthday

Vania A's Retro Circus Birthday Party

Zuesette Z's The Incredible and Amazing Carnival... Featuring Zoe Reese Turns 1!

Tiffany S's Treyson's 1st Birthday Party

Odette K's J&K Birthday Party

Jodie's "Old Time Carnival" 4th Birthday

Jennifer C's Backyard Carnival Party

Pretty awesome, right? For more inspiration, take a look at all the circus parties on our site. We've got a lot!



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    Jodie wrote:

    WOW! I feel so privileged to be included in the ranks with some of these AMAZING cakes!!! Thank You!!!!!!

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    Nicole wrote:

    ME TOO!!! There are some precious cakes! Thanks! I get so excited when I see any party of my party featured!

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    Vania wrote:

    WOW - what a wonderful selection of circus/carnival themed cakes. Thank you for including ours as well.