Shark Birthday Party and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

I can't wait to show you my four favorite parties added this week to Catch My Party!

Trust me, you really don't want to miss the fun shark birthday party. It's made up of so many wonderful ideas and it great boy birthday theme for the summer!

My favorite parties this week include a shark birthday party, a wild one 1st birthday party, a Moana birthday party and a Pandacorn birthday party |

My favorite parties this week include this cool shark birthday party, a fantastic wild one 1st birthday party , a wonderful Moana birthday party, and a fun Pandacorn birthday party. I know, right?!

Here are my 4 favorites below:

Printsforevents' Sam's Jawsome 2nd Birthday Party

My favorite details:

  • The modern dessert table with a cool illustrated backdrop and a balloon garland in shades of white and blue, like the ocean
  • The fun shark sugar cookies
  • The plate full of delicious blue, white, and orange striped summer popsicles
Shark birthday party I

Bruna Avelar M's Oliver Wild One

My favorite details:

  • The gorgeous tribal boho dessert table with a mix of fabric banners, leaf wreaths, and a black and white balloon garden backdrop
  • The stunning collection of wonderful birthday cakes with tribal decorative elements, such as mountains, teepees and cactus
  • The fun black and white teepee cake pops
Wild One 1st birthday party I

Roshelle W's Arielle's Moana 6th Birthday Bash

My favorite details:

  • The amazing tiered birthday cake decorated with elements of the ocean, tropical flowers and a bunch of characters from the movie, Moana
  • The pretty tropical flower topped cupcakes
  • The fun Kokamora pinata
Moana birthday party |

Bella C's Panda + Unicorn “Pandacorn” Birthday Party

My favorite details:

  • The awesome twist of the popular unicorn party theme adapted to a panda, creating the wonderful Pandacorn
  • The lovely pink cupcake wrappers decorated with a pandacorn
  • The beautiful pandacorn headband party favors with pom-pom panda ears and a black horn, and decorated with pretty pink flowers

Back to school for us has been a big success! My daughter really likes her new teacher, and she's enjoying being at the top of food chain as a big fifth grader! I've been able to connect with all my mom friends after all of us being away for summer. I love sharing this experience with them, watching our children grow up together.

Wishing you a great end to your summer or an easy transition back to school. :)



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