Senior Bat Mitzvahs -- Is there anything cuter?

by Jillian Leslie on

I love this story, people in their golden years getting to celebrate their passage into adulthood, even if it's into "late" adulthood.

Having a Bat Mitzvah in Their 90s Because It’s a Hoot

I'm a big believer in milestones and rituals.  I feel they're more than a part of our culture, they're a part of our DNA.   They help tell the story of who we are as human, and any time we can tell that story, we connect to others on a whole different level.

I love this quote:

"...those who go through a bar or bat mitzvah later in life describe it as an incredibly spiritual experience, and one that can transport them back to a different time."

So mazel tov to you, older guys and gals, and I'd love some pictures for the site!


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