Retro Housewife Bridal Shower and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

My 4 Favorite Parties of the Week include a retro housewife bridal shower, a Wild Kratts party, a girl science spa party, and an outer space party! |

My daughter is on spring break this week so we're taking a quick trip down to Santa Monica, our old stomping ground. We have two main purposes: see old friends and eat! My mouth is watering thinking about my favorite sushi restaurant, SUGARFISH! If you love sushi, take a look.

There were a lot of fantastic parties added to our site this week, including a retro housewife bridal shower you've got to see to believe!

My favorite parties this week include the amazing retro bridal shower, a Wild Kratt's boy birthday (I can't look at it without humming the theme song), a gorgeous girly spa science party, and an incredible outer space birthday party.

Anely H's Anely's Retro Bridal Shower

Retro housewife bridal shower |

Jessi B's Owen's Creature Adventure, Wild Kratts Style

Wild Kratts birthday party |

Brittany S' Naomi's Scientific Spa

Girl science spa party |

Martha M's Noah's First Birthday Party - Outer Space Party

Outer space party |

I tried my first Facebook Live broadcast this week. I was so nervous, but I will be doing more because I like to push myself to do things that scare me. Keep an eye out for me on Facebook Live. I plan to answer your questions about party planning, recipes, social media, and starting a business.


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