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by Jillian Leslie on

Summer Dinner Party Ideas |

I have a feeling this is going to be my favorite blog series of the summer... throwing a summer dinner party with the help of Pier 1 and Spotify.

The first step... my shopping spree.

I headed to Pier 1 and looked at their whole outdoor collection. I found some amazing stuff. I honestly felt like I was on one of those interior design reality shows. Even the salespeople were getting into it, as I was putting together items to see what went with what.

I'm a visual thinker and I love to iterate. So I always start by stacking. This was the initial inspiration for my party decor -- a wrought iron table in red and some damask serving dishes in chartreuse and navy. Summer Dinner Party Ideas |

I'm all about "casual" for summer. I also like to play with bold colors and bold patterns, and add a little touch of bohemian. Based on these initial pieces, I decided to let the rest of the party planning speak to me as I went a long.

So I excitedly took all my goodies home. Then I looked out at my back patio, and, ugh, my patio looked so drab and dirty and messy, with bikes and boxes strewn everywhere. We moved last November, and cleaning up our patio is one of the last items on our to-do list. Just looking around, I knew why we haven't had the guts to tackle it.

I got a pit in my stomach and thought, how will I ever make this space work for a party? With so much work ahead, I felt no inspiration. summer-party-style-decor-ideas-5

But then I placed this lone quatrefoil outdoor pillow on one my gray patio chairs and things started to change, I could see my back patio springing to life.

Summer Dinner Party Ideas |

I unpacked my rot iron table, which gave the gray patio a big pop of color.

Summer Dinner Party Ideas |

And I started to lay everything out, to get a sense of how it would all look in my backyard.

Summer Dinner Party Ideas |

Summer Dinner Party Ideas |

Summer Dinner Party Ideas |

Summer Dinner Party Ideas |

And then I knew, I wanted to do it up Mexican style... I think it was the colors, the patterns, and the warm spring breeze. I could imagine sitting out there with a clean patio, paper lanterns casting soft light on the space, eating warm carne asada tacos, spicy roasted corn with cojita, strawberry arugula salad, and something chocolate-ly for dessert.

I love when inspiration strikes and the ideas are endless.

I was also asked to put together a Spotify playlist for my summer party. So I took my laptop outside to my patio, sat amongst my mess and my new pieces, Mexican flavors in my head, and got to work listening to songs. I wanted to put together a playlist that was upbeat, interesting with a touch of whimsy, but could also work as background to what will hopefully be lots of laughter and fun conversation.

Want to hear what will be playing at my party? Take a listen...

Summer Dinner Party Ideas |

And stay tuned for my next two posts where I share how the whole thing turns out. Until then... rubber gloves and 409!

Find what speaks to you.


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Pier 1 via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Pier 1.


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