Peanuts Birthday Party and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

My favorite parties of the week include a Peanuts birthday party, a Marie Antoinette party, a bakery party, and a Mary Poppins party. You must see these! |

Happy 2016! I love the beginning of a new year, because it feels like there's so much possibility.  It's all just unfolding and I find that exciting. Plus I had a really relaxing winter break spent mostly with my family. I got some exercising in, ate some great meals, saw Star Wars, and even a massage.

I'm starting off my featured parties of the New Year with a Peanuts birthday party -- this snowy Snoopy Party is not to be believed with its fake snow. Plus, I selected a gorgeous Marie Antoinette birthday party filled with cake and sweets, a stunning bakery cooking party, and a jolly holiday Mary Poppins party!

Parties from the image above, top to bottom:

Amy G's Steven's Snowy Snoopy Party

Snoopy party |

Andrea & Amber's Marie Antoinette 8th Birthday

Marie Antoinette party |

Lucia P's Welcome to Aila's Bakery

Bakery party |

Kristen J's Aria's Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins 3rd Birthday

Mary Poppins |

I hope you feel energized about the New Year! We have some exciting projects on the horizon, especially if you are a blogger or small business owner (or have the dream of becoming one). This is the year we will help you grow your business. Stay tuned...


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