My Take on Mixing Patterns and Colors

by Jillian Leslie on

We live in a mid-century modern house which has dictated many of the style choices we have made. While we really like modern designs, we don't want our house to look stark and cold. Therefore, we have accented it with interesting patterns and colors to make it feel more warm and inviting.

I was asked by Target to share some of my favorite ideas for combining patterns, colors, and textures. So here goes!


One way I like to create something interesting is to combine hard with soft. I recommend playing with the juxtaposition of warm, soft items (like pillows and throws) with stark metal and glass furniture and accents.


Another way to create something unique is to combine masculine and feminine in your decor. A soft bed next to a leather smoking chair bring an interesting contrast to a room.  Or adding a big floral rug under a sleek piece of dark furniture can create the same effect.


My favorite way to change up a room is to use decorative pillows. It's a quick and inexpensive way to add pops of color to otherwise neutral furniture. I usually stick to one color family, like the oranges I chose here, and play with patterns. I like mixing big patterns with small patterns and throwing in some solid textured pillows to bring in more interesting visuals without creating chaos. :) And I like to pile them on to really create an effect! how-to-mix-patterns-and-textures

And finally, one of my favorite patterns these days is ikat. To me, ikat always feels fresh and colorful, with a little touch of boho.  I found lots of cool ikat patterns at Target, and because the patterns can be bold, I paired them with solid color pieces to create balance.

I hope you enjoyed reading how I approach texture and color. What's great is that all these ideas can easily be applied to party styling as well, and everything I highlighted can be purchased at Target!

It’s Time for Springtime.

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  • Chad Y

    Chad Y wrote:

    I love using pillows to add a touch of color to a room and they're so easy to change out with the seasons. My wife and I are always fighting over the feminine and masculine decor but we usually find a middle ground.