This Stunning Party is Perfect for a Princess!

by Jillian Leslie on

Get ready to swoon over a beautiful princess birthday party that was added to Catch My Party this week, along with so many others!

The balloon garland decorating the dessert table is just so pretty and works perfectly!

Make sure you don't miss my other 4 favorites of the week. You will be swooning when you see them.

Our favorite parties this week include a princess birthday party, a Pocahontas birthday party, a vintage floral tea party, and a construction birthday party |

Take a look at our 4 favorite parties below:

Our favorite parties this week include a beautiful princess birthday party, a fun Pocahontas party, an vintage floral tea party, and an awesome construction birthday party.

Party 1: Princess Birthday Party

[email protected]'s ONCE Upon a Princess! 


  • The gorgeous dessert table with a beautiful personalized floral backdrop framed by a lovely balloon garland in red, white, and pink
  • The pretty peach colored macarons decorated with little fondant flowers and a number '1' topper that matches the backdrop
  • The wonderful bright pink birthday cake topped with a princess crown and a single pale pink rose
  • The stunning pink vintage handbag party favor boxes full of goodiesPrincess Birthday Party |

Party 2: Pocahontas Birthday Party

Amanda M's  Makenna's 4th Birthday with Pocahontas


  • The fabulous backdrop packed with a bunch of pretty dreamcatchers
  • The fantastic white frosted cupcakes decorated with a boho tribal feather topper
  • The show stopping Pocahontas seated in a canoe at the center of the dessert table
Pocahontas Birthday Party |

Party 3: Vintage Floral Tea Party

Melissa K's Ella's Vintage Tea Party


  • The gorgeous dessert table with an amazing backdrop made up of paper flowers in different shades of pink, and a 'tea party' balloon
  • The wonderful pink and white balloon garland table runner
  • The pretty white frosted cupcakes
Vintage Floral Tea Party |

Party 4: Construction Birthday Party

Desi Ber Eventos' Construction Party


  • The incredible construction site decorated dessert table
  • The awesome tiered birthday cake where the bottom tier are constructor overalls and the top tier has loads of fondant construction signs
  • The fun construction helmets and traffic cone cake pops
Construction Birthday Party |

More parties in these favorite party themes:

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