My Sauza Tequila Ladies Night Shoot

by Jillian Leslie on

I'm so excited to share this video, because if you watch it, you might notice I'M IN IT!

A few weeks ago, I headed down to LA to be part of a Sauza Tequila video shoot with Jennifer Sbranti from Hostess with the Mostess, Candice Kahn from Fashionably Organized, Jenny Wu from Good, Bad, and Fab, Christi Johnstone from Love from the Oven, and Marisa Guerrero from Margaritas in the Rain.

I was nervous about it. It just seemed weird to pretend I'm having a Cinco de Mayo ladies night in a rented house with a bunch of women I don't know. My daughter even made me this sign back at the hotel to give me strength.


But then I got there, and I met the women, and we started hanging out...

If you've ever been to a video shoot, you know how long they take. We got there at 2:00pm and weren't going to be finished until 10:0pm. So what did we do to fill the time?

We chatted about our lives, our families, our kids, our blogs, our husbands. We talked about food and fashion and business. We got our hair and makeup done, took photos of each other and posted them on Instagram. We ate a ton (a real dinner and a staged dinner and we ate them both). And we even almost froze to death because it was 50 degrees outside when we shot the last outdoor scenes.

But the truth was, it turned out to be a blast!

You see, I spend so much of my time at home alone in my sweatpants in front of my computer, and people in my everyday life don't quite understand what I do. So to hang out for a day with these interesting women who know exactly what I do because they're doing the same thing, made me feel like I belonged. It was an instant bond!

Thanks Sauza Tequila, because by the end of the night, we really were girlfriends at a Cinco de Mayo party enjoying delicious margaritas (recipe at the bottom of the post) in an awesome house with a great view of LA. And I was so glad I did it!


Here's the insane house with the swimming pool in the living room, no joke.

photo (7)

Jenn and me posing for the camera.

photo (2)

The gorgeous dinner table. It really did look like a fiesta!


Candice, Christi, and Jenny goofing off between shots.


Marisa pouring more yummy margaritas. This will definitely be my go-to margarita recipe from now on. It has beer in it!

photo (6)

And here we all are posting photos and then commenting on them. Thanks, ladies, for the good times!

photo (4)


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  • 1 bottle light beer
  • 1 can frozen limeade
  • 1 can water
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