Mini Ice Cream Cookie Pops. Yum!

by Jillian Leslie on

I just saw this post about how to make mini ice cream cookie pop on my friend, Jessica's great blog, pen n' paper flowers.

The steps look easy and Jessica even includes her very own chocolate chip cookie recipe.

And once you're done, how delicious do these look!



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    Paula {} wrote:

    Those are awesome! So darling and the polka-dot bows make the perfect finishing touch. Thanks for sharing!

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    Jessica wrote: are SO sweet for sharing these! They are completely delicious and they are the perfect little goodie for satisfying your sweet tooth without over indulging. (unless, of course, you decide to eat them all in one sitting - which COULD happen at my house). *wink*

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    meaghan (chic cookies) wrote:

    aDORable! These are great... I posted a link to the pops and your find on Edible Crafts ( Thanks for sharing!