Macaron Birthday Party and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

Favorite parties this week: a macaron party, a glam 30th birthday party, a royal pink and gold birthday party, and a puppy birthday party! |

This week, we had some fantastic parties added to our site, like a beautiful macaron birthday party that you must see!

Macarons are one of the prettiest cookies. They come in so many delicious flavors and such beautiful colors. Plus, the fact that they are difficult to make adds to their specialness. So this week, I'm excited to share our first macaron themed birthday. There's a macaron topped cake, macaron topped cupcakes, macaron themed sugar cookies, macaron drawings, and of course lots of yummy-looking macarons all by themselves.

My favorite parties this week are a sweet macaron themed party, a gorgeous, glam 30th birthday party, a stunning royal pink and gold birthday party, and a super fun puppy birthday party! Take a look below...

CrowningDetails' Kiki's Magnificent Macaron Party!

Macaron party |

Lilly H's My awesome 30th Birthday Party

Glam 30th birthday party |

Events By Shero's Royal Celebration

Royal party |


Puppy dog birthday party |

This is our first week of summer vacation. I'm hoping for a relaxing summer filled with good friends and good food!


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  • Love That Party .

    Love That Party . wrote:

    the pupstachio party is so unique and original! I have just designed a range of pug puppy invitations, but this theme takes it even further! Puppies with 'staches!! Great fun.