Love Themed Bridal Shower and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

This week, lots of stunning parties were added to our site, including a fabulous love themed bridal shower!  Prepare to be blown away. It's just so so pretty!

My favorite parties this week include a Love themed bridal shower, a Mad scientist birthday party, a Safari birthday party and a World Traveler birthday party! |

My favorite parties this week include the gorgeous love filled bridal shower party, an awesome mad scientist birthday party, a sweet safari birthday party and an adorable world traveler birthday party. Check them out below...

Mushybooks' Love Filled Bridal Shower

My favorite details:

  • The absolutely gorgeous rustic floral decorations
  • The beautiful sangria bar
  • The stunningly simple white bridal shower cake with it's beautiful 'love' topper and flowers
Love bridal shower |

Rosis' Mad Scientist Birthday Party

My favorite details:

  • The amazing science lab dessert table
  • The fun science inspired desserts
  • The awesome science birthday cake
Mad scientist birthday party |

The Little Wonderland Ts' Sweet Safari Birthday Party

My favorite details:

  • The adorable animal cookies
  • The gorgeous safari themed dessert table
  • The wonderful safari animal balloons
Safari birthday party |

Maggie As' World Traveler Birthday Party

My favorite details:

  • The fabulous suitcase, globe and airplane birthday cake
  • The awesome globe cakepops
  • The cute travel inspired cookies
World traveler birthday party |

Yesterday I hosted a holiday crafting party with Mixbook at their offices in Palo Alto, California. Using old Christmas cards, we upcycled garlands and Christmas tree ornaments. It was a lot of fun, and thank you to everyone who made it to the party! I loved seeing all my blogger and mom friends there!








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