Kitchen Bridal Shower and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

My favorite parties are a kitchen bridal shower, a donut party, a farmer's market party and a neon art party |

This week we have seen lots of great parties, including a gorgeous and glam kitchen bridal shower!

My favorite parties this week are the beautiful bridal shower, an amazing modern donut birthday bash, a fun farmer's market first birthday, and a glow in the dark neon art birthday party! Take a look at each one below...

14 & Hudson/Paula Clemente Woods' Recipe for Love Bridal Shower

My favorite details:

  • The kitchen-themed cookies
  • The mimosa bar
  • The playful ring pops
Kitchen themed bridal shower |

Shaa'ista K's Donut Bash

My favorite details:

  • The mini donuts and chocolate milk
  • The donut cake pops
  • The black and white color scheme
Donut birthday party |

Alison M's Easton's First Birthday Farmers Market Celebration

My favorite details:

  • The adorable party welcome sign
  • Easton's vegetable stand
  • The fruit and veggie box cake
Farmer's market birthday party |

Party Sprinkles' Neon Art Birthday Party

My favorite details:

  • The rainbow paint cake
  • The gorgeous pallette and paint brush cookies
  • The cute creative juices in plastic bottles
Neon glow in the dark art party |

So it's finally here... school. My daughter starts fourth grade on Tuesday. Boy, did this summer fly by. I will miss the lazy days and all that daylight, but I'm ready to get into a routine again. The best part is that I have a kid who is excited to go back to school. That makes it a lot easier.

For those of you with kids going back to school soon, I send you all my best luck! If you're looking for inspiration, check out these back-to-school parties from our site and all our back-to-school blog posts (including free printables).





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