Kid-Friendly Sunday Night Dinner Ideas

by Jillian Leslie on

Kid-Friendly Sunday Dinner Ideas |

We sit down for dinner as a family almost every Sunday night. It's a family tradition and fits in nicely with our weekly  trip to the Sunday farmer's market.

My daughter, Lainey, does not have the most adventurous palate, so finding dishes that she likes (and we like), can be a challenge.

My solution is whole ingredients. While I might make a traditional spaghetti and tomato sauce dinner, I'll try to use the freshest produce I can find, and I'll try to make the meal from scratch. In fact, most Sundays you'll find us all in the kitchen cooking together.

And somehow when the ingredients speak for themselves, I don't need to add a lot of extra spice (which Lainey is not a fan of), and it still tastes delicious.

I've pulled together some of my favorite recipes that would work great for my family. My mouth is already watering looking at that fried chicken! Please browse through and see if these meals will work for your family too.


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