Hula Hoops + Wedding = Fun!

by Jillian Leslie on

I was just speaking to Keaton Koechli, VP of Operations at a company called Hoopnotica, which sells hula hoops and hula hoop related products for exercise, dance, and fun.

Keaton told me that for her wedding, she had her company make custom hula hoops in her wedding colors, then put them out for her friends and family to enjoy at the reception.  She said it was such a hit, that even her husband's "guy" friends got into the action.

What I think is so fantastic about this idea is that it is simple and fun -- come on, who doesn't love a hula hoop? -- and yet it can add so much to a party.

I've been to so many weddings and events that are beautiful, but leave me bored at the end.  And why is that?  Because they all follow the same script.

So, I'm always looking for that personal touch, that playfulness, the element that says, "So what if this wedding dress cost more than I make in a year, it's getting dirty!"   Those are the parties I enjoy the most, the ones that feel the most "real," and the ones that stay with me months, even years, afterward.

So if you're looking to add a spontaneous touch, and want to harken back to those good times you had on your fifth grade playground, contact Hoopnotica and they'll set you up with some awesome hoops.

Here are some pictures of Keaton's beautiful wedding by her photographer Ryan Jensen.

The bride hula hooping
Yes, that's the bride...

The best man enjoying the hoop
And the best man...

How adorable is she?
And of course, this girl's just meant to hula hoop!

To see more of Keaton's wedding photos check out her party page.

Also, if you're looking for some cool entertainment for your wedding or party, Keaton said Hoopnotica performs as well, and even does a fire hoops show that is out of this world.


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