How to Throw a Mermaid Party, Bumblebee Party, and Awesome Cake Pops

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How to Throw a Mermaid Party

If you need help on how to throw a mermaid party with a great mermaid dessert table, then today is your lucky day! We've plenty of mermaid party ideas for you to look through for inspiration and ideas.

How to throw a Mermaid Party |

Mermaid parties are one of our mostĀ popular themes. Girls love them. The combination of pink or purple with turquoise always results in a great color scheme, and has a summer feel even if it's winter.

Mermaid parties are a great excuse to use fun Under the Sea themed decorations and party food. There are so many pretty elements to choose from such as seahorses, starfish, shells, crabs etc. A mermaid party is sure to transport you back to the beach in the winter months to come!

Bumble Bee Party Ideas

Bumble bee parties are perfect for both 1st birthdays and baby showers!

Bumbble Bee Party Ideas |

Check out our beautiful ideas for dessert tables, cakes, cupcakes, decorations and much more! And we even offer free bumble bee party printables!

Don't forget you can upload your party photos here on Catch My Party and share your parties with the world!

Awesome Cake Pops

Simple, or even really elaborate, cake pops always look so cute onĀ a dessert table. For great ideas, look through our Awesome Cake Pops Pinterest board!

Awesome Cake Pops | CatchMyParty.comThe attention to detail on some of them blows my mind! What patience and skill! And as our board will show you, you can turn anything into a cake pop!




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