How to Throw a Kate Landers Style Event, Even on a Budget

by Jillian Leslie on

No one throws children's parties like Kate Landers, owner of Kate Landers Events, LLC.

So when I recently spoke to her, I  asked her what makes for a great children's party.  And I really liked her answer.

According to Kate, it's all about creating an "experience" where the children feel transported to another world.

So, for example, she likes to provide costumes for her guests, like these custom caplets and hairbows for her Madeline in Paris Inspired Birthday Party.

She serves foods that feel authentic to the theme, like this "make your own trail mix station" at her Enchanted Woodland Fairy Party.

She transforms the physical space, like placing the table for her Woodland Party outside, and providing the children with gorgeous toadstools to sit on.

And she designs theme-related activities, like this "design your own floral masterpiece" at her Madeline in Paris Party, that the children find exciting and engaging.

Now I know we all wish we could have Kate Landers design us a party, but for those of us who can't, I asked Kate how someone can add those special touches on their own, without a huge budget.

And here were her recommendations:

  • Instead of using regular paper plates, invest in a set of nice white melamine or ceramic plates and some colorful fabric bunting to use over and over at all your parties.
For inspiration, here is some fabric bunting from Kate's Gingham Birthday Party.

  • Repurpose what you have.  For example, pull out your silver candlesticks and use them to dress up your table.  Hang an an old chandelier above your buffet.
  • Keep food to a minimum.  Schedule your party from 2pm -4pm and serve easy foods (fruit, veggies, mini sandwiches, and cake).  Forget making an elaborate dessert table.
  • Be careful with making things yourself.  A lot of times it can be a lot of work, and it might not save you as much as you think.
Thanks, Kate, for all your helpful advice and letting us take a peak at your gorgeous parties.

And if you have any interest in learning how to throw a party like Kate, she will be starting The Kate Landers Events, LLC, School of Children's Party Design, where she will offer webinars on everything you'll need to know to throw unforgettable parties for children.



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