How To Set a Relaxed Mood at Your Party

by Jillian Leslie on


When I'm planning a party, the first thing I think about is the mood I want to set.

With the help of Pier 1, I get to throw a fantastic dinner party this summer. Because we'll be inviting friends with kids and it will be outdoors, I know it's going to be casual. But how do I keep it casual and still add style?

When I think about setting a great "mood" at a party, I always think about my friends' mom. Her parties always had the best food, they were always beautiful, but they never felt fussy. I always looked forward to going to them, even though they were usually filled with lots of adults I didn't know.

Years later, I realized she was able to accomplish this because she was never fussy. She had this casual, effortless, confident way about her as she breezed through the party serving her freshly grilled salmon or home baked pie. It was genuinely fun for her to play hostess and it showed.

I try to internalize this lesson. The best way for me to guarantee a successful party is to not sweat the small stuff (something I'm prone to do), but to relax and have fun at my own party. Happiness is contagious after all.

So, for this party, my goal is to keep it casual, and for style, to worry less about whether the table cloth matches, but instead to add a touch of whimsy and fun... I was inspired by this silly cat planter I found at Pier 1.

photo p14

And I was also inspired by the color green. Green is my favorite color. It makes me calm and happy. It's the color of trees, and grass, and inchworms. It's also a great color to build a summer party around. Here are some products I saw and loved (some will be showing up at my party).


And my third inspiration is this lantern. It's not something I would normally gravitate to because, to be honest, it's a little busy for my taste. But it reminds me to step outside my comfort zone, to be okay in not nailing down every detail, but instead to just let things sparkle in their own right... as we eat good food, share some wine and laughter, watch our kids play... and mostly just be together.

photo p13 Find what speaks to you.

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