Hot Air Balloon 1st Birthday Party and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

My 4 favorite parties of the week include a hot air balloon 1st birthday, a patriotic army party, a mermaid birthday, and a science party! |

Sundays are a time for me to reflect on the week -- think about where we've been and where we're going. That's why on Sundays, I love looking at all the parties added over the week. It helps me chart our path.

I see what the trends are (mermaid parties are on fire right now), think about how people are moving through their lives (height of back-to-school right now), and plan for what's coming (Halloween -- my favorite holiday!). The parties you add keeps me in rhythm. They help me be part of the flow of seasons, celebrations, and milestones, so thank you to everyone who adds parties to our site. I appreciate it on many levels.

My favorite parties this week from our site are... a lovely pastel hot air balloon 1st birthday party, a fun science birthday party with lots of experiments, a stunning mermaid soiree with beautiful desserts, and a patriotic army party with fantastic vintage elements.

Clockwise frrm the top left:

My daughter, Lainey, made an easy transition to third grade. Her teacher seems sweet and she likes the kids in her class. Getting used to getting up early is the hardest part for all of us, especially me. I know it just takes time, and in the meantime, thank God for caffeine. Hope your transitions back to school are going well.


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