Hot Air Balloon 1st Birthday and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

I am so excited to show off my 4 favorite parties from this week that were all added by our Catch My Party community!

Last week I shared a wonderful 1st birthday party for a little girl, but this week if I'm showing off a great 1st birthday idea for a little boy-- a fantastic Hot Air Balloon 1st Birthday that will blow you away. It's so adorable and beautifully decorated. You're going to love it!

My favorite parties this week include a Hot Air Balloon 1st birthday party, a Party Animal birthday party, a Trolls birthday party and a modern vintage farm birthday |

My favorite parties this week include this wonderful hot air balloon 1st birthday, an awesome party animal birthday party, a fun Trolls birthday party, and a stunning modern rustic farm birthday party.

Here are my 4 favorites below:

ADAL Kreation 's Hot Air Balloon 1st birthday party

My favorite details:

  • The adorable dessert table with the fun illustrated hot air balloon backdrop
  • The cute mix of airplane, luggage, and luggage tag fondant decorated cupcakes
  • The wonderful hot air balloon photo booth prop made of a wicker basket and a giant red paper lantern
Hot Air Balloon 1st birthday party I

Alison M's A Party Animal Zoo 2nd Birthday Celebration

My favorite details:

  • The awesome mix of 'party animal' decorated sugar cookies
  • The incredible black and white striped and gold tiered birthday cake, decorated with blue drip icing and loads of colorful candy and 'party animals'
  • The crazy black and white 'party animal' party decorations spread out in the garden with their party hats and other fun accessories
Party Animal birthday party I

Monica M 's Trolls birthday party

My favorite details:

  • The fantastic Trolls decorated pink and blue tiered birthday cake
  • The cute cupcakes topped with cotton candy Trolls hair
  • The crazy cotton candy Trolls hair party favors (my absolutely favorite detail!)

Homespunhostess' Modern Vintage Farm Party 

My favorite details:

  • The stunning rustic dessert table with the cool bakery menu chalkboard backdrop
  • The fantastic boxes of fresh farm eggs party favors for guest to take home
  • The cute piggy sugar cookies
Modern Vintage Farm Party |

Happy Labor Day, everyone! It has been so crazy hot here in Palo Alto, (107 degrees on Friday and 111 degrees on Saturday), that we checked ourselves into a hotel (that we found cheaply on Hotwire) because we have no air conditioning in our house.

The funny part was that, even though we were a mile from our house, it felt like a real vacation. We went swimming in the hotel pool, we ate take out, and we mostly lounged around in our freezing room. It was seriously fun! I'm not hoping for another heatwave, but if there is one, I will do this again!

I hope it's not as hot where are as it is here. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm ready to get to fall.



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