Have You Heard of Kickstarter Yet?

by Jillian Leslie on

Have you heard of Kickstarter yet? If you haven't, it's a "funding platform for creative ideas." And what does that mean? Well, it's a very cool way for creative people to raise money for their projects.

Here's how it works: the person with the project sets his or her funding goal and deadline for raising money. If the project reaches it's goal in the time allotted, the people who "back" the project have their credit cards charged and the person receives their funding. If the goal isn't reached, the person receives no funding and no credit cards are charged.

I thought since we are such a creative community, I had to to share about it. Also, I'm very excited because I just contributed to my first Kickstarter project called Roominate: Make it Yours!

Roominate is a "toy that makes every young girl an artist, an engineer, an architect, and a visionary!" Given that I have a daughter, and I want her to know there's nothing she can't do, I couldn't think of a better project for her.  Also, since they've reached their funding goal of $25,000, I will actually get a sample Roominate room sent to me for the cost of my donation ($49).

Here's a video about Roominate: Make it Yours!

Clever, right?

So if you have a creative project you want to get off the ground and need a little funding, Kickstarter might be worth checking out. Also, if you want to see what cool ideas people are dreaming up these days, take a look. It's a very fun site to browse.


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